This past weekend was a very busy weekend for me and quite a few other people! I, along with three other bridesmaids and one aunt, threw a bridal shower for one of my best friends. Is there a lot of planning that goes into it? Yes. Is there often a bit of money put into it? Of course. Yet we still throw them anyway. Guess what??? There’s a reason why. It’s because we clearly love the person we are throwing it for.

Majority of us enjoy attending showers, right? We are, after all, there to celebrate a joyous occasion. We are there to celebrate the love of two people. Not just any two people either. If you are invited to, or involved in a shower, that must mean you are important to whoever’s shower it is. Cheers to that!

This past Sunday, the shower I helped throw was for a friend of mine I met back in junior high school. We decided to go with the classic, yet frequently successful, color scheme of navy and gold. We did add in some shimmery white with hints of greenery  for good measure. I highly recommend it 🙂 My friend Lindsay took the lead on the decorations and she did a fabulous job. I mean, look at those vibrant colors! The giant K & T balloons were an extra fine touch to break up any empty space in the living room. Let me just throw out there that Lindsay was not able to find navy colored balloons, so please let me know if you are ever able to find them. I’m curious about it now!


The super adorable tassel garland are one article of the decorations that I am particularly fond of. These were found on Etsy, completely assembled and very neatly shipped. The hanging of the garland took a bit because we wanted to make sure that everything was spaced properly. Perfectionistic? Maybe on certain occasions, but not every day, I promise! Don’t hesitate to check out this Etsy shop for a variety of colors and other adorable finds though, because you won’t regret it. We also made our own table centerpieces with a variety of vase shapes, moss, stones, and plastic succulents. Real would have been great too, but they were surprisingly tasteful.


Also, check out the photo wall we made with the beautiful bride to be below. Plain white linens cascading down with the color scheme popping in front of it. Definitely super simple, but very effective. Especially since we strategically placed it to where everyone had to walk by it on the way out. Oops! Hey, we’re trying to make memories here and I was in charge of the camera so…pictures were definitely being taken.


With no surprises here, I decided to take the lead on food and beverages for the party. What’s a shower without food?! Food and conversation are a great way to begin the shower in order to allow any late guests to arrive before games and gifts start. Nobody wants to be that late guest walking in on everyone silently watching the bride open gifts. Awkward! Anyway…check out the sweet set up in the kitchen.

We had a variety of bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit with dip, a strawberry and pecan salad, mini quiches, and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. For dessert (yes we had WAY too much dessert) we had petit fours, macaroons, AND cake pops. We were trying to keep everything light and easy to just pick up, if desired. There may have been a few leftovers in the dessert department. That’s not the worst problem to have though, right??


I even had this adorable coffee bar set up. I might actually go ahead and say to avoid the coffee bar unless you REALLY feel like people will drink coffee. IMG_0721To be honest, not a single person did at the shower. If you just have a ton of extra space that needs to be filled though, then maybe I would recommend using it simply for the cuteness factor. OR if you know that your friends are obsessed with coffee, then go for it with no regrets.

In one of the photos near the top, you can see a hint of the mimosa bar we made. Super simple! We used three different juices. Orange (of course), grapefruit, and pomegranate. If you know the people attending well, that helps know how much you need to buy. We honestly only went through two bottles of champagne, two orange juices, one grapefruit juice, and one pomegranate juice for around twenty people.

Let us not forget about the favors! I made red velvet whoopie pies and packaged them in these adorable gold treat bags. A fun addition to an already fun day. That brand has a couple different varieties in varying colors and sayings, so definitely check them out! I have to add that I was going to add the most fitting sign next to the favors. My friends are Aggies so I was going to put a sign saying, “We can’t wait to “Whoop” it up with you at the wedding!” Get it?? Because they are Aggies AND the favors were whoopie pies. Corny…but cute! The bride texted me when she got home and said they were so good that she’s glad she grabbed five of them. You will find no judgement from me on how many whoopie pies get eaten!


Overall, it was a great day full of friendship and celebration. It’s such an insane feeling when a close friend decides to tie the knot, but it is also one of the best feelings! Hopefully this post has given you a couple of ideas for decorations, food, and favors. At the end of the day, the person you throw the shower for will be grateful no matter what because they will be so excited to be with their family and friends!

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