Hey there! Hopefully you have been having a very relaxing weekend so far. What have you been up to? Today, I am trying to figure out what to make of this sudden cold front in Texas. Oddly enough, I think I’m heading down towards the beach for a tall ship festival… That added breeze certainly won’t help me stay warm, but ships are pretty cool so it’s gonna be totally worth it! Hopefully I’ll have a few decent photos to share with y’all later on too. Today though, I’m sharing some of my own photographs from over the past few months.

I will gladly mention that I am nowhere near a professional level of photography. However, I still enjoy capturing the moments that make me happy. The moments that are simple, and have a beauty of their own. We can all only hope that my photography skills will grow over time, but for now I hope you enjoy all of these photos!


This first photo is one that I took a few months ago while visiting one of my best friends. This cutie pie is actually her older sister’s dog, and we popped over to her place to help her move (apparent via the boxes in the background)! I know, her piercing eyes in combination with the boxes in the back certainly do give a slightly saddened appearance, don’t you think? If you knew how sweet and silly this dog is, you would find this photo as funny as I do. Don’t worry, I hear she is enjoying her new home a ton!


To keep the background on this gorgeous pup brief, he lives next door to my grandfathers house up at the lake. I was taking a walk through the neighborhood not long ago and couldn’t help but capture this peaceful moment. Usually this dog is running all over!


Once again, I was at my grandfather’s place sitting in the kitchen and looking out at the lake when I saw this insane flock of birds passing over the lake. I LITERALLY grabbed my camera and ran on to the dock to capture a piece of this action. Within a few minutes, all the birds were gone. Isn’t it crazy how such beauty can be there one moment and gone the next?


I was out in my front yard a couple of weeks ago when I saw how wonderfully these flowers were blooming. Once again, another opportunity that I could NOT pass up. Guys…the amount of bees surrounding all of the flowers was pretty insane. I felt slightly dumb for getting so close into the action on this one because I hate when they fly by your ears and you get such a strong buzzing noise. Does this bother anyone else, or is everyone way cooler about ignoring that kind of thing? If you can ignore it, I am insanely jealous! Either way, these colors look wonderful together. Did you know that yellow and purple go together on the color wheel? Maybe that’s another reason I love this one so much.


If this photograph doesn’t make you feel a hint of patriotism, then I don’t know what will. Bald Eagles are not exactly living in Texas in the largest of quantities…so capturing this one was pretty fun! I actually just took this during Easter weekend while visiting my grandfather. These majestic creatures decided to build their nest right around the corner from his house, so I always go and check on them when I am visiting. I guess I’m not the only one who appreciates the beauty of a sunny weekend by the lake. šŸ™‚ Also, there was a baby in the nest but they stayed pretty hidden most of the time. Did you know that Bald Eagles are not born with their head white? Let me tell you, the baby certainly blends in with the nest so it is a little bit like finding waldo at first.


I saved this photo for last because I wanted to finish off with a bright, crisp photo that would put even the most strawberry hating individual questioning why they won’t give these babies the time of day. I took this photo when I was strawberry picking with my mother, and let me just say that there was no shortage of big and beautiful berries that day! I highly recommend berry picking with people because it is super relaxing and fun for all ages. Plus, cute little kids run around with buckets of strawberries and start trying to eat them ASAP while the parents panic because they haven’t been washed. Stay tuned for some amazing recipes using these beauties.

I love photos because they are reminders of the moments you loved. Reminders of what you did with people you care about, or crazy times that you don’t want to forget! Either way, don’t be afraid to take a second to capture the moment. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay positive once Monday rolls around!

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