This week is a week of celebration! A celebration of two extremely different, but essential careers that need to be mentioned and honored. It is National Nurses Week AND Teacher Appreciation Week!

Obviously, I am excited about Nurses Week since I am a nurse, but I have many friends who are also nurses and deserve so much praise for how amazing they are! Similarly, my mother is a teacher (as are many of my friends) and their job is so unbelievably difficult that they deserve praise also!


National Nurses Week 2018

Yay for nurses! A career that is complex and provides a variety of opportunities to learn and expand within the field. A career that is both a science AND an art. Although I am a new nurse, I truly love what I do and know that I made the right choice for my life.

Why I Love Being a Nurse

  • I am always learning something new. Literally, I feel as though each time I go to work I am asked some new, interesting question or need to utilize a different skill.
  • There are so many different specialties, I always have room to try a different specialty unit or cross train on other units.
  • It truly requires teamwork. I can never do everything all alone on insane days or during emergency situations, and I don’t have to when there are amazing nurses by my side.
  • I have the opportunity to provide comfort to those who need it and provide safe, preventative care at the same time.

Nurses can never just have carry one personality trait. In nursing school, of course we took pharmacology, pathophysiology, health assessment, etc. However, we were also consistently taught other things. We were reminded to never judge our patients (nobody EVER knows the full story behind what is going on), be compassionate, and to not be afraid to share an emotional moment with our patients when needed.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the nurses who encourage nursing students during their time in school, and the nurses who still encourage each other every day. We need that! We need to remind each other that we are there for one another and that we are strong.

I also want to thank the nurses who make learning something to be desired. The nurses who seem so effortlessly confident in what they are doing, that it almost seems unreal. Back when I was a nursing student, there were a few times when I just thought, “How in the world can you hold this much knowledge in your brain?” It made me excited to learn then, and it still makes me excited now.

So thank you nurses. Thank you to the nurses who have been in this career for longer than I’ve been alive, and have loved every minute of it. Thank you to the new nurses, who are hungry to learn and provide the best care that you possibly can. Thank you to nurses all over.

National Nurses Week is from May 6 – 12 this year, so take a moment to say thanks to the people who love to care for you and your loved ones.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

Guess what?! This week is also Teacher Appreciation Week! Teaching is a career that is near and dear to my heart because my mother is a teacher. I grew up knowing that respecting teachers was unbelievably important and appreciated.

Why I Respect Teachers

  • They put forth so much effort into lesson planning way in advance. Teachers don’t just show up and magically plan as they go (generally speaking), because they want their students to stay on track.
  • Teachers care about what students do when they leave school. Sure, they want them to study spelling words and such, but they also want them to spend time with family and be a kid.
  • They are essentially parents during the hours of 8-4. If someone gets injured, they step in. If someone is in an emotional crises, they step in. They are the ones who are there to help these kids when the parents can’t be!
  • Teachers try to guide strong morals into their students during the time that they are with them. Whether it’s talking through a violent act at recess or getting to the bottom of an argument among friends, teachers are there.

Teaching can be an incredibly stressful job because they are getting pressure from all angles to make sure that success is achieved by their students. Whether it is from administration of the school district, the state, or the parents, high scores are definitely on the to do list. When the high expectations aren’t met, they take the heat like true professionals and immediately get back on the horse.

Teaching can also be really fun though! They are able to crack jokes with these kids, and make them smile on days where they never though they would be able to smile. Plus, some teachers (depending on the age group) get to take kids on field trips or compete in field days. Those are memories that people hold on to for a long time! I personally still remember my old school field trips and field days.

As with every job, there are good days and bad days. Teachers always find the strength to show up to work with a smile on their face, and I will never stop admiring that! No matter what age group they teach, they leave their mark.

Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 7 – 11 this year, so please make sure to say thank you to your teacher, your child’s teacher, or any other teachers that you know! They do so much work because of the lives that they hope to change!

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