Fiesta Salad for Two

Did someone order a party for two? Perfect, because that's what I'm offering today! This salad is the perfect easy salad recipe for any date night, girls night in, or weekly dinner item. PLUS it is super flexible with the ratio of ingredients that you use. Want more of one ingredient and less of another? … Continue reading Fiesta Salad for Two


Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato Frittata

Here's a wonderful fact about me: I LOVE breakfast food. I always have, and I sincerely hope that I always will. It's just so yummy and great for any time of day. If you have never had pancakes and eggs for dinner, you're just not doing life right. I can't even count how many times … Continue reading Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato Frittata

Triple Surprise Banana Bread French Toast

Happy Saturday! As you all know, tomorrow is Easter and that is always a wonderful holiday to celebrate with family and friends! Egg dying and hunting, big family dinners, and for some, various church services, are on the to do list for tomorrow. I won't lie, I sometimes miss the egg hunting component of Easter … Continue reading Triple Surprise Banana Bread French Toast